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Tomasz Płusa is a highly accomplished musician with a strong foundation in contemporary violin performance, having earned his master's degree at the Academy of Music in Łódz. However, his musical journey took a fascinating turn when he recognized the interpretive potential of historically informed performance during his studies. This realization led him to delve into the world of Baroque Violin.

In pursuit of his growing interest in Baroque music, Tomasz made a significant move to the Netherlands. There, he embarked on a remarkable educational journey, studying Baroque violin under the guidance of renowned mentors. He refined his skills with Elizabeth Wallfisch and Ryo Terakado at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, delving deep into the nuances of Baroque performance. Additionally, Tomasz expanded his repertoire by studying Baroque violin, viola, and viola d'amore at the Utrecht Conservatory under the tutelage of Antoinette Lohmann.

Tomasz's dedication to mastering historical performance practices extended beyond formal education. He actively participated in numerous international early music courses, learning from eminent figures in the field such as Lucy van Dael in Trondheim, Judy Tarling and The Parley Instruments in Cambridge, Michaela Comberti in Dartington Hall, Simon Standage in Görlitz, Sigiswald Kuijken in Belgium, and Enrico Onofri in Italy.

Tomasz's talent as a chamber and orchestra musician has graced many prestigious European early music ensembles. He has lent his skills to groups like Arte dei Suonatori, Capella Cracoviensis, The Wallfisch Band, Contrasto Armonico, Musica Poetica, Holland Baroque, Florilegium Musicum, Collegium Ad Mosam, De Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht, Furor Musicus, Cappella Maria Barbara, and Margaretha Consort.

In his artistic pursuits, Tomasz Aleksander Plusa wears multiple hats, seamlessly transitioning between the roles of soloist, chamber musician, and orchestra member. His commitment to the world of Baroque music culminated in the recording of a CD featuring sonatas by Johann Georg Pisendel for Brilliant Classics in January 2016.

Further expanding his artistic horizons, Tomasz founded the ensemble "Baroque & Beyond" in 2017. With this ensemble, he has embarked on captivating musical journeys across Europe, interpreting both Baroque and contemporary repertoire with a deep sense of passion and authenticity. Tomasz Płusa's musical odyssey continues to enrich the world of historically informed performance with his exceptional talent and dedication.



1997 – 2002 Studies at the Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź. Instrumental faculty: Main subject violin.
The spectrum of artistic education includes early music, as well as the classical romantic repertoire and contemporary music.
Major study areas in the artistic profile: the main subject lessons, orchestra, chamber music, orchestral studies, theory, ear training, musicology.
Editional focal points in the artistic educational profile: methodology/didactics, music education, written scientific work. With my music academy graduation I received the ability to a concert performer and a pedagogue.
2002 - State exam artistic diploma. Lodz, Poland. 

2003-2007 Bachelor studies at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, The Netherlands. My special training I enjoyed in Baroque music, also in orchestral and chamber music, as well as in the general artistic development of music.
Violin lessons with Ryo Terakado, Elisabeth Wallfisch, Enrico Gatti, Pavlo Beznosiuk. 

2007 State exam artistic diploma. Den Haag, The Netherlands. 

2013-2015 Master studies at the Conservatory of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Baroque violin and viola teacher Antoinette Lohmann.

The training in numerous workshops, covers jazz and dance music to classical and baroque music. The faculty offers programmes in the arts for solo training, orchestral and chamber music; in artistic and educational field courses for the training of instrumental teachers and teachers at the schools of general education. In addition to the violin playing and pedagogy to study music also includes training in ensemble conducting. 

2015 State Exam artistic diploma. Utrecht, The Netherlands. 



2003-2023 The intensive study led to numerous appearances in the Baroque music concerts and festivals in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, England, Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Czechja, Switzerland as well as soloist, ensemble and orchestra playing. Among them: 

2004 - Early music festival in Zagreb (Croatia), Brezice (Slovenia). Performances with Ryo Terakado.
2010 - Early music festival in Spain in Santiago de Compostella and Burgos. Performances with a chamber music ensemble. 

2010 - Festival Périgord Noir in France, opera “Les Indes Galantes”. Qualified after the audition, which took place in Paris.

2011 - Early music festival in Copenhagen, Dänemark. Performances with an ensemble Arte dei Suonatori, Bolette Roed. 

2012 - The philharmony of Music in Cracow. Performances with Cappella Cracoviensis. 

2012 - Festival de Música Sacra do Baixo Alentejo, in Portugal. Performances with Concerto Ibérico Orquestra Barroca.
2013/2014/2015 - Early music festival in Utrecht, performances with De Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht. 

2015 - tour with Holland Baroue, Claron MacFadden and Lars Ulrik Mortensen. 

2016 - took part in British-Czech movie production about Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni “Interlude in Prague”. Performances with Czech Ensemble Baroque Orchestra in Prague, Czeski Krumlov, Brezice. 

2017 - 2019 - launches his own orchestra Baroque & Beyond. Touring in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal. 

2020 - 2023 - during the corona lockdown he forms The Mealli Trio (violin, theorbo, bass de violon). Concerts adapted to lockdown restrictions with limited audience in The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal.  Ensemble plays 17 century music with broadly elaborated improvisational style. 


2000 – Cambridge. With the violin player Judy Tarling and ensemble The Parley Instruments.
2000 - Dartington Hall. The course led by Michaela Camberti.
2001 - Trondheim, Norway. The path of the baroque and modern music interpratation on the baroque and modern violin led by Lucy van Dael. 

2006 – Warsaw. The course was led by the British violinist and conductor Simon Standage.
2006 – 2010 – Belgium. Course given by Sigiswald Kuijken, the violinist, viola da spala player and conductor. The focus was on the topic of research into the playing techniques of the 17th and 18th century on the baroque violin.
2011 – Italy. Another milestone of the music experience was the meeting with Enrico Onofri. An important part of making music was the chamber music. Numerous works classical string quartet and quintet literature, early Baroque music from Italy and France. 



In January 2016 I recorded my first solo album with the sonatas by Johann Georg Pisendel. The CD was released on the of 1st February 2017 with Brilliant Classics. 


! Schuurman Schimmel – van Outeren Stichting te Haarlem, The Netherlands 2006/2007. 

! Stichting DORRIE STOOP-FONDS 2004, The Netherlands. 

Biography | Violinist
Tomasz Aleksander Plusa

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