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Violin lessons

Music plays a significant role in our life. Sharing music allows us to communicate on a deeper level and to discover our deeper self. Playing an instrument opens up a whole new world of experience that further enhances the mind, physical coordination and expression. It allows us to unlock creativity in us. It is a privilege to share my passion with others. 
I tailor my teaching method to the needs, expectations and taste of my students. On my lessons you can learn different styles, depending on your taste (from classical to film music and pop). 


Genuine enthusiasm!

We wholeheartedly recommend Tomasz Alexander Plusa as a talented violin teacher and practicing musician. During our year abroad, Tomasz masterfully taught our daughter how to improve her technique and approach to playing the violin by sharing his real-world experience and passion for both music in general and this instrument in particular. Tomasz skillfully communicated the importance of discipline in practice without being preachy or condescending. Instead, he inspired improvement through genuine enthusiasm, demonstration, and useful expert tips. Thank you Tomasz and Vivaldi!
The Pattons, from Seattle

Elke les een genot!

Tomasz is een gepassioneerde violist en zijn enthousiasme werkt aanstekelijk. De basis van de lessen is muziek maken, techniek is daarbij helpend en wordt aangeleerd om meer muzikaal te kunnen spelen. Door gebruik te maken van mooie metaforen kan Tomasz je perfect duidelijk maken wat je moet doen. Door zijn vrolijkheid en positieve houding is elke les een genot!
Annekee Böhm

Perfect Teacher!

Since I came to the Netherlands in 2017, I started to learn violin with Tomasz. Although I have been playing modern violin for fifteen years, Tomasz is the most special teacher I have ever met, and also the enlightenment teacher of my Baroque violin. I still remember the first lesson we started learning Bach's chaconne, rather than only focusing on technique improvement, he first taught me lots of basic knowledge on baroque music form and specifically in this piece: what is chaconne, what is the basso continuo and melody line in this piece, how to play the chords in a correct and historical way, etc. He also demonstrated on his baroque violin and that open me up a totally new world: a warmer, more active, and full of emotion and vitality voice that I have never heard before. Now I have already switch to baroque violin and started from zero, with the detailed and patient help by Tomasz. Sometimes he combined the baroque violin playing with history background, visualized the music style by painting, or other beautiful metaphors. He is a passionate and perfectionist musician and teacher. He said that playing the violin is like making a sculpture. Only crafted with great care and precision can complete a piece of artwork. All in all, Tomasz's violin lessons have benefited me a lot from both playing technique and musicianship.
Tianyi Huang

Fun homework

Tomasz is a very good teacher, kind and always happy. He gives fun homework like making compositions. He is building the interest in music.

Building the interest in music

Tomasz Aleksander Plusa is introducing our 8-years old son Alek into the world of violin. The lessons are fun as Tomasz not only concentrates on pure technical aspects of playing, but also inspires to discover the beauty of classical music. He masters in addressing to children in order to keep their attention and engagement. We do recommend him as an excellent teacher.
Piotr Lubelski



At my home studio, at your location or online.

English, Dutch, German, Polish.


Music styles

Classical, baroque, film music, pop, folk. 

Personal plan

We will build it together according to your personal needs, taste, level and expectations. 

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