Talent isn't a property, it is a gift. We do not owe it, we received it. It is unique in a case of every person. It needs to be nourished, It is a gift given to communicate with the world, to contribute, to please, to bring joy, to inspire, to build up relations. It is a commitment, it shouldn't be wasted, neglected, buried in the ground.

I don't believe in competition, it is an artificial invention. We complement each other, not compete. It is given to please the others, to show a beauty and a sense of life.

There is no point to brag because of our talent, because it is not our property, we didn't have any influence on having it or not, on a kind of talent we received. It should rather invite us to humble ourselves to serve the others.

Every human is an important particle of this universe. The smallest particle is a part of the whole, thank which the universe functions in its marvellous way. A lack of one person is a loss in a universe. We are all connected in a mysterious way. We came into existence because we were meant in a cosmic plan. We were given intuition to listen to it and follow it. To guid us. Our inner energy drives us, if we listen to our intuition we are guided.

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