Launch of the orchestra

Baroque & Beyond 

Baroque & Beyond  was founded in 2017 by Tomasz Aleksander Plusa.


We are a group of eager and dynamic musicians who strive to rediscover rarely performed repertoire and to breathe fresh life into known and established works.


Our team consists of:

Tomasz Aleksander Plusa - violin & artistic direction, Aleksandra Kwiatkowska - violin,

Clara Sawada - violin, Pietro Battistoni - violin, Imke Jansen - viola, Nina Hitz - cello,

Mattia Corso - double bass, Earl Christy - theorbo.

We are based in The Netherlands, but originate from diverse countries throughout the world: Poland, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States, Brazil.


The name Baroque & Beyond encapsulates our desire to bring to life the spirit and sound of baroque music and also to venture beyond its confines. We enjoy the opportunity to include the music of our own time in our repertoire and to work in close collaboration with living composers, exploring and creating new musical languages together.


Baroque & Beyond is a highly adaptible group, we are equally comfortable on the concert stage as we are in more specific or unusual contexts, for example participation in the theatrical productions as accompanists or playing with elements of acting.


We strive for dynamism, high energy and enthusiasm, which we relish the oppotunity to share.